Friday, February 13, 2009

how much is too much

How many pieces of Valentine's candy can you have before you look like a pig or get a tummy ache? That's how many you can have. Bug answered "three" to that question and showed me his choices to see if I approved. Pook decided to wait and see after his first slow-to-consume choice. He ended at three too. We usually dole out the candy slowly after the initial holiday gorge, but this worked well. We're going to a State Park with several families for the long weekend and I may suggest that they bring it and finish it off/share it to get it over with quickly.

I've been experimenting with Bug and allowing him to pick his own punishment for some behaviors. I've made suggestions to help him along, but it has seemed to work well. Once he's calm, I've told him he'll need to choose a consequence for himself. If he doesn't choose, I get to choose for him. He spit at Pook yesterday, chose to lose his dessert, and didn't pitch a fit or even need reminding after dinner. (Maybe I'm going to like having a five-year-old!)

Pook voluntarily took a nap the other afternoon. He'd woken up out of sorts, picked fights with us before and after school, and when I told Bug to go rest with music or books, Pook decided I meant him too. It was strange to get an "oh, ok" to something I didn't actually ask, but would have if I'd thought of it. The weekend of camping (in cabins) will wear them both out. I'm sure the other kids stay up later than mine do, and there'll be no chance to nap. We'll see if self discipline kicks in or if Mean Mama will have to drag them from the fun to get some rest before meltdown time.

And, Happy Friday the Thirteenth to everyone!


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