Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the Thirteenth

Today is my lucky day.

I was born on a Friday the Thirteenth, as was my father and my maternal grandfather. I always figured it was good luck for my family. Then CD proposed to me on a Friday the Thirteenth (although it was nearing midnight if I recall, so he barely got it in under the wire).

We had a deal that he'd take me out for a date every time a Friday the Thirteenth rolled around. That year there had been four of them. Turns out, you can go more than a year without encountering one. Not as many date nights as I'd hoped. And then there were kids.... We're going out with our dinner group on Saturday, so hiring a babysitter for Friday seemed like too much. CD has offered me rainchecks a few times but I'm not good at redeeming them. I'll have to pin him down and mark something on the calendar so we can be sure to get away. Alone.

I decided that one of the best ways to be sure that we, as parents, get out of the house without the kids is called "season tickets". I highly recommend them. I've asked for and received tickets to a local, small theater or to the symphony for gifts. Once you're committed financially you go. The performances are usually well scattered throughout the year and you know well in advance in case you need to swap nights. The other regular outing we take is with our monthly dinner group. We're trying to visit as many of the fabulous restaurants in Atlanta as we can. Right now we're working on eating our way around the world. I believe Korean Barbecue is on the menu for this weekend. The Bangladeshi restaurant was first visited with our dinner group too.


  1. We're big fans of the season tickets too...way to have guaranteed date nights. I'd love to check out the Bangladeshi restaurant (I'm in Atl too). What's it called? Where is it?

  2. The restaurant is located at Northeast Plaza. Enjoy!