Monday, June 16, 2008

undressed for summer

No one but my kids sees me wearing clothes.

Ha! Caught your attention, did I?

CD leaves for work early enough that I use my morning time to help get him out the door. I'm in my pj's for breakfast.

I shower after he leaves (and after a short online visit) and dry my hair. I dress as if someone might see me. I even put on earrings when I remember. Makeup, no. That's even optional in the winter.

We go to the local pool almost every afternoon. This is my social life, the kids' social life. Everyone there is used to seeing me in a swimsuit. I've run into casual "Pool Friends" other places and we've realized we have trouble recognizing each other when dressed.

We get home from the pool just before dinner. I usually throw on an old t-shirt and some boxers as shorts. CD comes home and we eat. He sees me looking like a drowned slob.

Why do I bother with the morning shower and with getting dressed at all? I might as well stay in my pj's until pool time. There'd be less laundry.


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