Saturday, June 28, 2008

can you hear that? me neither

I'm alone in the house. Or at least alone-ish. Bug is napping. I've been unwilling to deal with the incredible crabbiness of giving up that nap. He and Pook share a room, so putting one to bed earlier than the other is a major issue. We tried to introduce the idea, because I know the nap will have to go, eventually. And Pook will need less sleep at some ages and stages when Bug is still needing more. So on a few swim team nights we tried. We had him in bed, staying and singing to him, but as soon as Pook came in he got all wired and we had to start over with the tucking process. Usually it goes pretty smoothly and quickly, so all we gained by putting him to bed earlier than his brother was a longer process.

CD and Pook went for a bike ride. Ever since the purchase of a lighter, more appropriate bike for Pook (and one without training wheels) he's been wanting to bike every weekend. Our neighborhood is very hilly and near a lot of busy roads, so there aren't a lot of good places for him yet, at least without Daddy. I'm not sure where they're headed, but they have some trail mix, water and a few bandaids stashed in the bike bag. Hope they only need the snack and water!

But I'm alone-ish in the house. All I hear is the spatter of a pork shoulder with BBQ sauce in the crock pot and the churn of the air conditioner. I could nap. I could read a book. I could peruse the web for something to read. I could eat chocolate....


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