Thursday, June 12, 2008

gimme some red dye number 40

What can remind you of summertime, of your own childhood, of sun and splashing more than cherry Kool-Aid? Tropicana suntan lotions, maybe, but for smell and taste combined the Kool-Aid is a winner, hands down. Skip any other flavor. Cherry it must be. Red mustaches, red tongues, hyper kids. Fun and tasty too. My kids hardly ever get this type of treat, but there are just Kool-Aid days. You know them when you have one.

The temperature was 72.8 degrees this morning when I looked at it at 7:28am. We swam at noon today instead of our usual late afternoon. They'd had lunch before swimming, so they were just very thirsty by the time we came home. I considered popsicles, or frozen yogurt tubes- my other summer treats for them, but a cold drink seemed best. I had some too.

I slurped down my Kool-Aid with them and compared the red stain of my tongue with them in the mirror. (Pook won.) I was the only mom at the pool the other day who joined in the squirt gun/toy fight too. Maybe summer brings out my immaturity.


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