Tuesday, June 3, 2008

lemoned for 25c pre cup

Spelling now corrected by someone, we're having a lemonade stand next weekend. I know this because there are flyers taped to all the mailboxes on the street which advertise this fact. LK next door came up with this original idea and the four of them would have started it at 5pm last night if any of us had had paper cups. Instead they got started on a business plan. BK and Pook wrote out a list of items they will need, Pook adding little boxes next to each item so he can X them off:
  • lemoned
  • cooler
  • poster
  • card table
  • ice
  • jug
  • cups
  • chang box
I will provide lemonade mix, Mom-next-door will provide cups, we'll both donate pitchers and ice. BK gets to handle the money, Pook gets to serve, LK seems to be happy to have given them the idea, and Bug gets to yell to invite passersby headed to the pool across the street. They may do well in this location. We'll see next week. Photos to follow, I promise.

Update: Today, on our way home from the zoo with a friend, I overheard in the backseat:
"Me and BK are having a lemonade stand next weekend."
"I'm gonna do that too I think."
"How much are you gonna charge?"
"Fifty cents a cup."
"We're charging 25 cents. If you have a really large price chances are you aren't going to get very many people."
"Well I'll have a small for 15c, and a medium for 25c and a large for 50c and and extra large for 75c."


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  1. Cater to the masses, I like it! LOL Maybe in this day and age, they should have a latte stand?