Thursday, February 26, 2009

tissue time

Cough. Snuffle. Cough. Allergies or virus? Virus or allergies?

I vote for the allergies and send them both to school. They tell me everyone in the class is coughing. The pollen count is already up there with trees starting to bloom. Must be allergies. I pull out some antihistamines and start dosing them both at bedtime. No clear improvement. Maybe it'll take a few days. Bug coughs during the night and is tired the next morning. A call to the pharmacy to check on drug interactions and then I pour out the cough syrup. Moderate improvement on the cough. But now noses are sore. C'mon guys, it's just an allergy. You'll be fine. Cough. Snuffle. Cough.

I wake up in the night coughing. By morning I have a sore throat from a runny nose. Cough. Snuffle. Cough. I hate being sick.


  1. Hi Jill, I am so sorry you are sick, not allergies. And I blame the cold baseball beginning. The coldest I have ever been in my life was at a little league game in southern CA about this time of year. Damp and windy and evening, we had every coat we owned on, gloves, hats, the works. But it just went right through you. Chicken soup is the best for it! :-)
    ps, keep waiting for those tulips. I find the pansies really hold them back. If you lift the pansy plants you might see the tips of the bulbs.

  2. At the moment the second grade is being decimated by both a barfing flu and strep, so to me, coughing and runny noses are sounding okay. But they are still no fun, I know! I hope everyone's feeling better soon.

  3. I'm with Harriet. The stomach flu is running wild in our community and I was knocked out with it for a couple of days. I'd take coughs and sniffles any day over that crud. Ugh. Haven't been that sick in well over a decade. Can I say ugh again?