Sunday, February 8, 2009


silly: dogs having meals in a hotel
sillier: anything spoken by Bug to two four-year-old girls and one four-year-old boy from his class

good line: "Who did let the dogs out?"
best line: "underwear" said repeatedly with no context while driving in my car to the movie

good invention: stationary car windows for the dogs with a movie of the road for them to watch and a fan to blow their ears
great invention: a candy/popcorn/drink combo that is unlikely to spill

annoying: cold movie theaters
more annoying: four children needing five trips to the bathroom during the movie, making me miss the last five minutes of the movie (At least CD had to take three of the trips!)

cute: the movie "Hotel for Dogs" seen for Bug's fifth birthday
cuter: four pairs of four-year-old legs dangling off the edge of the seats in the theater


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