Thursday, February 12, 2009

r is for run

Our weather yesterday consisted of many thunderstorm and tornado watches, although hardly any rain. The kids overhear this stuff and get scared, so I explained to them the difference between watches and warnings. My friend, K, taught me to remember them by the letters. The T in waTch stands for Think. The weathermen Think this is tornado/thunderstorm weather. The R in waRning stands for Run. Run to a dry/safe place if they say there is a warning.

We headed out to dinner at our church during a Tornado watch. When they mentioned it on the radio the kids remembered the lesson. We admired the bright sun reflecting on high clouds partly obscured by other, lower, gray storm clouds.

We'd just finished eating when the church secretary came in and announced that they'd just declared our area to be a Tornado Warning. Everyone to the basement. As we gathered our kids I scanned their faces to see if they were scared. Pook was calm, Bug seemed to be waiting for my reaction. We waited it out in a crowded room while the kids played a game one later labeled "The Loud Game". Finally we were dismissed. (Fifteen minutes can take a long time when you're in a small room with ten kids playing The Loud Game.)

On the positive side, as we exited to the parking lot in the high winds, CD told me that I looked glamorous with my hair blowing.


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