Tuesday, February 10, 2009


A spring sprung this morning (a post on the weather later) and our metal garage door buckled. Two cars trapped inside. Just what we wanted today! The repair company has a 24hr emergency service just for such emergencies, so I called. Amazingly, they said they'd be out between 8:20 and 8:30 am. I sent Pook to school with his carpool buddies, no problem. (One!) CD got a ride to work with his carpool buddy. (Two!) I left a message with Bug's carpool buddy to see if they could drive and took a quick shower. Bug wanted to play. I was too anxious about the uncertain schedule for the day and I was a lousy playmate. He made a tent of blankets in the den. He took a "camping bath" in a hamper. He refused to eat the pretend marshmallows for his camping breakfast that I proposed he eat. (They weren't healthy. He settled on pretend French toast, bacon and juice. This from the mom who eats chocolate at 9am when she's stressed.) Finally, when I was ten minutes late to pick up the carpool buddy, his parents called me. They came and got Bug and set him on his way. (Three!) Hooray for carpooling!

And then I waited. (This comes as no surprise to anyone, does it?) The kid (I swear, he wasn't shaving yet) showed up only an hour and a half late. First comment: "Ooh. Not good." He looked around, he poked and tugged. He finally came to the door and offered two options. We could pay to replace the spring and make a wish on the door, probably having to replace it, or we could just replace it. Estimate: $284 for the spring, ~$1200 for a new door. Oh crap. (mantra: we are stimulating the economy, we are stimulating the economy....) "Um, also, the strain of the broken door cracked the motor. It was a really cheap plastic motor; I'd never have sold it."

The new door and the new motor for the door will be installed sometime tomorrow. They'll call to set up a time. Because I have nothing better to do than wait. But, the cars have been set free and they are happy.


  1. Oh, ugh.

    I am certain that fate will befall us very soon. Our garage door opener has been flighty for a while now and the bottom panel of our door is all rusted (lending a lovely look to the front of the house).

    Keep repeating the stimulating the economy thing. :)

  2. Ouch! But you're a hero for seeing that everyone was able to get where they needed to be under such stressful circumstances. Good job!