Monday, February 2, 2009

cheap or practical?

Tomorrow is Bug's 5th birthday. He wants to take a cookie-cake to school for his birthday snack. He'll be line leader and wear a crown and pass out snack. This is big stuff in preschool. I went to Kroger and looked at the cookies, picking out one with minimal frosting and orange details. Then I saw a couple on a different table with footballs drawn on them, but no team names. $4! I deliberated briefly. Would my child think I'm cheap? Answer: he'd have no idea. Would his teacher think I'm cheap? Answer: possibly, but she'd probably laugh. Did I care? Answer: no. I had them add his name at the top, above the football, and ta-da! half-price birthday. I think one year Pook had a Mother's Day cookie for his birthday at school. I just can't resist a bargain.

For his gift tomorrow he's getting a bigger bike (and I'm making a bike wheel cake, pic to follow). His 10" wheels are just too tiny for him. We've also got a neat CD/book combo about the symphony. The year Pook got a bike he also got scissors (age 3) and guess which was the bigger hit? He told everybody he saw all about the scissors. Hopefully the weather will be ok tomorrow for bike riding, otherwise the music may end up being the more useful gift.

Hard to believe my baby will be five.


  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog! Have a great birthday with your little one. And just remember, scissors is a big step up from loving a cardboard box. I swear, next year I'm just giving each kid a big box, and saving the money from the toys that are usually in such boxes.

  2. I hit the jackpot a couple of years ago when my youngest wanted a bunny theme for her May 3 birthday -- right after Easter. We picked up everything we could find with bunnies minus the Easter eggs for goody bags - all marked down something like 70% off. Made invitations using a bunny cookie cutter shape and cotton balls. She loved it!