Wednesday, February 11, 2009

socks and broth

"I don't have any socks left!"
"We don't have any chicken broth."
"We're out of tape."
"My prescription is gone."

Come on, family, join me in some... (oh horrors, prepare yourselves for the following word!) planning.

Let's try these sentences instead:
"This is my last pair of clean socks."
"This is the only can of x in the pantry."
"I'm using up the tape."
"I'll need my prescription filled this week."

1 comment:

  1. Ah, yes, I love planning that stuff.

    I usually do pretty good on that planning stuff, but this month caught me flat footed.

    Y'see, in December, I went through the mail-order prescription site and ordered all the prescriptions that were ready for refill so that we could put the money into a tax writeoff.

    Except, it seems that Mike's cholesterol medicine wasn't on that list because the prescription had expired in November.

    I didn't notice that until Mike came in and shook the empty bottle at me.

    It takes a minimum of a week to get medicine from the mail-order pharmacy, so this was BAD.

    Fortunately, not too bad, but still.