Wednesday, February 18, 2009

ole scruffy face

I'm actually encouraging CD not to shave. He didn't shave for three days over the camping weekend, and since he's blond, it took that long to actually notice it from a distance. When I realized that was the longest he'd ever gone without shaving, I suggested he wait a little longer "just to see".

He's never done this before so he's curious too. After I see how he looks with a bit of a beard and satisfy my curiosity, I'm assuming he will shave it all off so that he can kiss me again. Curiosity can only go so far.

I like beards in general. On some men I like them a lot and it adds considerably to their face. I have a couple of friends who change their beard status so regularly I can never remember if they have one or not but I think most of them look best with a beard of some size. The soul patch trend is not appealing. I think it looks like a guy has a gerbil on his chin and can be very distracting.

I'll be sure to get a photo of him for all of you who are mind-boggled at this idea. We have a family website you can check in to see anytime. If you need the website, just let me know.


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