Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I am planning a sleepover.  Here.  For Bug's seventh birthday.  Four friends.
  • One of them is excited to spend the night but he's never done it before.  
  • One has spent the night at someone's home before but is "going through some fear issues" right now.  
  • One thinks he wants to stay but his mother is less certain.  
  • One looked me in the eye last week and said "no way" was he spending the night.
Looks like a recipe for success, doesn't it?!  I wonder if this was a good idea.  I figured they needed to have a first time sometime, so why not?

My plan is to have a plan. 

They're coming over at 5pm so they have time to get crazy and make a mess before I feed them.  Pizza, of course.  Plain cheese pizza for four boys and a veggie lovers for the Party Boy.  Because my baby is unusual.

After dinner there should be time for more wild and crazy play before I break the news that they have to clean up the room to make room for sleeping.  I'll make them all get in pj's, then come downstairs for some short movie-like-product.  Then bed-- a pile of sleeping bags on the floor.

If I aim to have quietishness by 9pm, I hope that all wimps will have wimped by 10pm. I want all wimping out to happen before 10pm.  If you want to go home, that is fine.  Let's call your parents and see you off. Not a problem. BUT! If you choose to fall asleep, you should want to stay.  Because I don't want to have to phone any parent in the middle of the night.

Oh!  And I should remember to make everyone use the bathroom right before they fall asleep.  Please no wet-the-bed kids!


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