Friday, February 11, 2011

some will stay and some will go...

Slumber Party, take two:

5:00 pm
Four boys arrive.

Lego is played.

6:00 pm
Pizza is served.

Older brother vomits.

Older brother is quarantined.

Parents are phoned.

Cake is served.

Gifts are opened.

7:00 pm
Parents keep plans as they were.

Toys are played with.

8:00 pm
More Lego is played.

Two boys head home.

Two boys stay.

Looney Tunes commence.

Pajamas are donned.

Teeth are brushed.

Looney Tunes are resumed.

Snacks are eaten.

9:00 pm
Teeth are brushed again.

Boys are tucked into sleeping bags.

10:00 pm
One is unsure of sleep.

Night light is produced.

One parent is phoned.

Parent shows up.

Last guest and Birthday boy fall asleep.

11:00 pm
CD and I go to sleep.

5:30 am
Boys are up.

Boys are hushed.  Twice.

7:00 am
Playtime resumes.

8:00 am
Morning is inevitable.


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