Tuesday, February 22, 2011

yes, I'll wait

I have nothing better to do with my time than wait on other people it seems.

The guy coming to cut a few of our trees will come last Monday.  No, that'll have to be last Wednesday.  When phoned Wednesday he thought Friday would work well, but when I called Friday he decided Monday was best.

At 9am Monday I tried again.  He was "just on his way" and arrived three and a half hours later.  An hour later he decided it was too windy, so called the guy who was still an hour out of town to tell him to wait until Tuesday. (Today is Tuesday.  I have not counted unhatched chicks.) 

The guy coming to fix the freezer that is making really loud creepy-like-it-might-not-keep-things-cold-much-longer noises?  He said he'd come between 11am and 1pm.  He came at 2pm.

The job that was going to let me know by Monday at the latest?  Well, they did call at 5pm.  They hired someone else to work with that specific child but they've got another one now and will let me know this week if they want me to work with him. If the parents sign the papers.

Meanwhile, I think I'll watch someone cut down my trees.  They arrived at the bright and early hour of... 10:30 and got started only two and a half hours later.


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