Saturday, February 19, 2011

not quite a parallel post

I have to confess:  I sat in Urgent Care this morning thinking of a blog title for today--  "no, I wouldn't have believed it either,"  "by a pinkie finger,"  "football is banned."  But, too bad for the really parallel post, but thank goodness for Bug... his finger is not broken.  Now the suspense is over and if you don't want the full story you can stop reading if you want.

The wonderful weather yesterday brought out neighbors.  Over at someone else's house, there were piles of boys (and one family of four girls).  There was basketball, there was running, there were snacks, there was beer.  And, in the backyard there was football.

I don't know why I didn't have a double take when Bug reported hurting his finger. Maybe I often ignore my children's injuries.  I guess I do hear a lot of complaints that come to nothing, so if I don't respond immediately many of the "injuries" go away.  But, nevertheless, I never even asked to look at it.  Only, he couldn't lift his glass of water by himself.  He couldn't take his clothes off.

When I did finally see it, I groaned aloud.  Purple at the joints and already swollen.  It looked exactly like Pook's hand had looked.  Bug pointed out to me that no, it wasn't the same as Pook's.  Pook broke his left pinkie finger and this one was Bug's right pinkie finger.  I wondered if there was a congenital pinkie defect in CD's family.  (Hey, I've never broken anything!)

No need to plan our Saturday morning.  Urgent care was open and could examine, x-ray and treat all in one facility.  Pediatrician recommended.

And yet!  It isn't broken!  He's stuck with a splint for five days, but it is much, much smaller than the splint they put on Pook. Five days instead of a month.  I think Bug is a bit let down that he didn't 'get to have' a broken finger just like his big brother.  I however, am relieved!  One, it is baseball season.  Pook didn't miss out on much.  Two, it was much more inconvenient for him than any of us had expected.  Three, it was more expensive than any of us had expected.  Four, things just bother Bug more than they bother Pook and it would have been... rough.

So, I don't know what I'd have done if both boys had broken pinkie fingers.  I'm glad I don't have to know!


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