Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I found this at the grocery today.  Marked down since Halloween is over and no one eats "SCARROTS" after Halloween.  Carrots?  Really?  Either celebrate the holiday or don't, but don't give some poor unsuspecting kid carrots in his Trick or Treat bag.  If you can't read the small print, it says, "Eat 'em like junk food."

This is the kind of stuff kids want in that Trick or Treat bag.  We finally made the gingerbread haunted house yesterday.  Lots of Skittles and M&M's with a few interesting candies.  There was also a gummy roadkill possum that might have looked good at the house, but I'd already eaten it.  Pineapple.  One of the best gummy candies I'd ever eaten.  Seriously.

Since they are individually packed, there will be carrots in the lunchbox for a while.  I can't pass up a bargain, especially one that amuses me, is healthy, and will certainly get eaten around here.  I will add the "Scarrots" to this marvelous assortment I received in my CSA today.  Italian dandelion, turnips, cherry tomatoes, bell pepper, basil, crowder peas, lady peas and lettuce.  My mom took eggplant, squash, and half of some of what I have.We can get produce all winter from individual farmers, but the CSA ends at Thanksgiving.

This last photo is Pook's broken finger.  It is unrelated to "Scarrots" and to gingerbread haunted houses.  He broke it playing football with Bug on Monday.  He was so tired and crabby from the late night Trick or Treating that I gave him very little attention when he said he'd hurt it.  But Tuesday morning it was very purple at the first two joints and something felt wrong.

First we went to vote. The kids had the day off school to allow voting to take place in the building.  (Safety issue I assume.) Then we built and decorated the gingerbread house, then we went to the Urgent Care center for x-rays.  With the doctor's permission, we headed straight from there to a bowling alley.  (I know, it seems so wrong to take a child with a broken finger bowling.  But it was his left hand.)  We had won two hours of bowling with a $1 raffle ticket last May.  Before it expired I wanted to get over there and yesterday felt like the best opportunity.  As I said, I can't pass up a bargain.

We met A&K and their dad, who is a teacher and had the day off too.  Fun was had by all.  Their dad was the only one who broke 100, and then only barely.  Using gutter guards.  Their dad tried to put Pook's name on the board as "Pinkie" but Pook objected.  He's very self conscious of this large splint. (It comes almost to his elbow, and will be replaced by a cast on Tuesday.  Not sure if they're overreacting or if his pinkie is that big of a deal.)

And now today is Wednesday but it feels like a Monday.  I guess that will make the week go by quickly.


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