Friday, October 29, 2010


Apple update:

I read about apple preservation and was convinced that I could keep the apples we picked in North Georgia fresh at least into November.  The article said they could be kept until February "under the right conditions." 

The right conditions were simple.  Save only unblemished apples.  Wrap each apple individually in newspaper and put them in a cool place.  I did all this.  And yet, the results are not good.

I needed some more apples in the kitchen, so I went to gather more from the box in the garage.  After feeling the first apple give to my fingers- significantly- through the newspaper, I tossed it into the backyard for some happy squirrel.  But then I found another and another that were bad.  Really bad. 

I pulled the whole box into the kitchen.  The results are:
8 good apples
7 good-enough-to-cook apples
6 really awful apples.

So, I shall bake today!  I think I saw an apple upside down cake recipe online somewhere....


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