Sunday, October 24, 2010

yes, we are mature

Yes, we are mature:

We're also saving the... insides to eat. (I just couldn't come up with a good euphemism that made this video and the eating of it compatible.)  Some pumpkins carve nicely, some are stringy.  I figure if it looks like spaghetti squash, it will probably cook up like spaghetti squash. Right?  To be eaten with butter and Parmesan.

We also have plans to eat a sugar pumpkin in an elaborate recipe I received in the form of a greeting card many years ago called Hidatsa Stuffed Sugar Pumpkin.  You cook up venison or buffalo, mix it with wild rice, some egg and sage and stuff it all into the hollowed out sugar pumpkin.  It all bakes together to make a meatloaf inside and is gorgeous when cut in wedges.  Gorgeous, as opposed to our evil looking (and sick)  Jack-O-Lantern that the boys designed.  Must buy buffalo and wild rice before I can make this one, but we'll have it later in the week.


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