Wednesday, October 20, 2010

proud of my boys!

Yesterday I sort of forgot the kids. I had been at home and needed to meet someone at their school at 2:45.  I drove over to the school at 2:30 and... oops... dismissal was at 2:15.

I'd just missed passing them on the street as I drove the opposite direction.  These days they are walking home alone, and they get home at 2:35.  I often meet them at the big hill to help Pook roll his sax home.  Anyway, since I had to be there anyway, I thought I'd meet them at the exit to the school.  I haven't had to be there exactly at dismissal time since they started walking without me, and I've already forgotten the time.  I returned home and was amazed.  The garage door was up and the kids were indoors.  They had remembered the code to the garage door, remembered where we keep a spare key, looked for me in and outdoors, and then called their daddy.   They were still on the phone with him when I returned.  Proud of my boys!


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