Tuesday, February 15, 2011

oh, my aching toes!

I woke up this morning very confused. "Woke" might not be the right word there. I heard the heat kick on and spent a while trying to decide if it was a weekend or weekday.  I chose weekday but couldn't remember which one.  A glance at the clock produced a series of digits, I believe I saw five or six, which I knew needed to be added together before I could learn the time (or maybe there was multiplication in there I was forgetting).  The alarm saved me from the math, as there was- unfortunately- no doubt that it was morning at that point.

I won't know about the job for another week.  They did tell me that there was another applicant in the running, but it sounds like if they decide I'm not the "right fit" for this particular child, there will be other opportunities as other children show up in the future.  So, nothing to lose.

How they'll decide if I'm a good fit with this child is under question.  He chose yesterday to be absent for the first time all season.  Instead I had a chance to watch another facilitator working with two small boys in a different classroom.  It was only somewhat helpful.  They were so bouncy at a non-bouncy time in the class that she ended up pulling them out to go do some more active things in another room.  Great that they have that option, but I'd like to see how they incorporate special needs kids into a full classroom.

One of the first things I thought about when I heard about this job was "But my yoga is Monday and Friday!  But the farmer's market is on Wednesday!"  And, unfortunately that is true.  M/W/F are days when I fit in activities for me.  Tuesdays and Thursdays are all about getting things done for other people in this family.  Except for the five loads of laundry I usually get done on Mondays, and... well, all the rest.

I would have to find a different yoga class, and I would just miss my farmer-friends at the market during the school year.  CD and I would fold laundry together in the evenings!  (That's romance, I tell ya!)  I would need to be sure to find Me times on T/Th instead of simply continuing to give those days to others. Since the interview yesterday was right during that favorite yoga class, I went to the YMCA with my friend VB last night.  She'd been to a class she'd loved and I figured I might as well check it out.

And it kicked my butt.  Oh my.  And my shoulders and legs and arms and stomach and back and even my hands and feet!  Yes, we spent a while lifting and exercising our big toes and pinkie toes independently.  The participants were a range of abilities and ages-- certainly some twenty years my senior, leading me to assume the class wouldn't be so hard.  Lots of people adapted.  A lot.  The instructor considered side to side lunges to be a resting position.  She kept music with a fast tempo playing the whole time and somehow kept up with it.  (I decided that she was much shorter than me and the time it took me to get my hands from the floor to the ceiling was longer because I'm taller.  I think that's a great excuse, personally!)

I'm a bit sore this morning. If I don't get the job, I will continue to go to my favorite yoga class Monday mornings, but if I do, I might accidentally get in better shape.


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