Wednesday, February 9, 2011

new guardian of the garden

What'd'ya think of him?!  He was a Christmas gift.  Referred to as a Budda Frog, I think I have to correct this to acknowledge that is isn't just a frog.  This is definitely Kermie.  The muppet, Jim Henson's alter ego, and my hero, Kermit the Frog.  But no longer green -- he is gold.  Gold!  The boys think he's valuable because he's gold and heavy.  If they hock him I'll be mad.

I am hoping that Kermie will bring green-ness to my gardens.  "It's not easy being green."  Or growing green things.  So I need all the help I can get.

The question is, where does Kermie belong?  I don't have a meditation garden or "quiet little spot" around here, anywhere.  (The closest to a private space I get is the laundry room, all 4'x5' of it, shared only with the laundry, clean and dirty, all the various cleaners from our home, a box of rags, 31 rolls of toilet paper, 14 rolls of paper towels and all sorts of other Large Packages.) Kermie belongs outdoors.

Please take a look at Kermie as he visited different locations in the yard today.  It will all look different when Kermie brings Green! to the gardens (and pink, yellow, orange, white...) so I may have to make a change later, but I'd like your opinions.  Where does Kermie look best?

A: on the new terrace wall (easily seen from the kitchen)

B: under the birdfeeders
(he'd get sat upon which might be cool, but also shat upon...)

C: at the lamp post at the driveway/sidewalk/house corner in the front

D: at the front door

E: at the corner of the "woods", grass and sidewalk
(not much demarcation there.  Dead grass turns to really dead grass
turns to out of control ground covers escaping into said grass.)

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  1. How about under the little tree behind the lamp post in picture C?