Monday, January 31, 2011

the accidental shoplifter

Pook decided that he wanted to get a Webkinz for Bug's upcoming birthday.  The ones he has are expiring.  (insert grumbles here)  We've intended to get out to go shopping alone, but it just hasn't happened and we're running out of time. Having not gotten it done this weekend (yard work Saturday, trip to the zoo Sunday, both in spring-like weather) there was no easy opportunity left.  We could let Bug know what we were doing and ask my parents to babysit, but that would take more time, interrupt homework a bit more, and be less fun. 

I told him I'd run a few errands this morning and find a source so we would only have one store to go to at least, and if necessary, I could tell him the choices and return to the store myself to make the purchase while they were at school. I stopped to pick up a prescription for CD.  Since there were two cars in line at the drive-up window, I parked to go inside.  After picking up the eye drops, I browsed the toy aisle and found just what we needed- the smaller version of Webkinz that Pook could more easily afford, in about a dozen choices.  The problem of when to purchase it was still an issue.

Later in the day I decided that tonight was a good night for a steaming hot baked potato.  The warm weather wasn't completely gone, but it was supplemented all day by rain and felt chillier than the thermometer implied.  We had no potatoes around, and my thoughts of going to pick some up coincided with my need to get back to the drug store right next door to the grocery.  I'd take the boys with me after school and somehow get Pook an opportunity to shop alone.  We'd split up and he'd go get the gift while Bug and I got foodstuffs.  Now, how?

Not having any cash myself, I got his wallet. Just in case we couldn't talk privately, I wrote him a note.  "Go to CVS. Webkinz are in the back by other toys on the bottom shelf." I shoved note and wallet into a tote bag that could conceal the gift. My hope was that Bug would come out to carpool considerably slower than Pook. 

Nope.  Bug came to the car first and there was no chance to talk to Pook.  I told them we were going to the grocery and drug store.  When we parked I suggested that we split up.  I managed to give Pook a wink and show him the note.  He seemed excited to attempt this plan.  But then I confused things.  I wanted to distract Bug, so I told Pook to "get Daddy's eye drops. When you tell them his name they'll be able to give them to you."  At the time I was thinking that a bit of detail was important. In fact, Bug was paying no attention and it wouldn't have mattered what I said as long as I avoided the words "birthday" and "Webkinz".

Just as Bug and I came toward the front of the store, Pook appeared.  I peeked in his tote bag and saw brown fur.  Success!  "Did it go ok?" I winked at him.  "Well, they said I needed a note from you to get the eye drops."  Ooops.  He didn't seem terribly flustered by the error, so I sent Bug to find us an open register and quickly explained to Pook that there was no need for eye drops.  He started to run off anyway.  "Don't worry about going back.  They won't care if you never explain the confusion." 

And then he dropped the bomb, "But I haven't paid for the present yet."


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