Wednesday, January 5, 2011

all about me (Bug)

Bug was chosen for (his turn to be) the star student of the week.  He wrote on and colored a large poster all about himself, which due to the holidays, never got posted outside his classroom door as expected.  Instead I am posting it to the world.  Here, world.  Here is Bug:

Fascinating facts about me:

I am 6 years old

My birthday is Febuary 3rd

I live in Georgia.

I am in the 1st grade.

I get to school by  walking.

When I grow up I would like to be an adult.

These are a few of my favorite things!
color: terquoys
animal: bear (he meant teddy bear)
food:  desert
book: Ordinary Boy
sport: baseball, swimming and biking
thing to do in school: P.E. and fresh air (the school's word for recess)
thing to do at home: play legos

I am a star because.... Because I am good at school.

Three super-cool facts about me:
My birthday is on 2-3-4
I have super powers but they are secret
I've lost eight teeth.

I show others I care by being friendly.


  1. AJ did that same poster in first grade. I love that he wants to be an adult when he grows up. I don't think he'll be disappointed. And every kid needs some secret superpowers.

  2. Harriet- the irony is that he has made it clear that he does NOT intend to ever be a teenager. Age twelve straight to twenty I guess!