Sunday, March 8, 2009

sunshine on my shoulders makes me sleepy

We've had a sunshiny weekend. And yet Captain Snowy didn't melt until sometime before we woke Sunday morning. He enjoyed temps in the seventies but not the time change. I sympathize. I'm tired. The boys aren't however-- we wore them out.

Bug had no school Friday and I invited Carpool Buddy #3 to come over while his mom was at work. The two of them played outdoors (with grumbles) all morning while I did my yard work. Then, after lunch, they went to #3's house. I ran to the grocery and put a load of laundry in before walking to Pook's school to pick him up. We should walk more often, but we're fair weather walkers.

When he saw that I was there without his brother, he asked if he could have a friend over. We turned back toward the doors to check with Carpool Buddy #1 and his dad to see if he'd like to walk home with us. His dad wanted him to change clothes first, so we decided Pook would walk his direction first and then both boys would come to our house after #1 changed. His dad wanted him home by 3:30 to rest before his baseball practice and that coincided well with picking up Bug.

Pook and #1 never showed up here, remaining instead at #1's house. When I picked up Bug I went to get Pook at 3:30. They had been joined by lots of other kids and were running around in the backyard, clearly no one headed toward any resting. Dad relented and suggested I leave Bug and return for them both around 5pm.

Wow, free time. I did more laundry.

They, however, played outdoors more. And by the time I picked them up they were exhausted and dirty. I threw them in the tub and got dinner ready. By 7 pm they were barely holding their eyes open. Bug had been outside from 9 am until 5 pm. Pook had had school and then been outside since 2 pm. We quickly realized we could take advantage of this to prepare for the upcoming time change and we put them to bed.

Saturday dawned just as nice. We dawdled over a breakfast of blueberry oatmeal muffins before walking down the street to a Sand Gnat's baseball practice. CD helped out while the boys played a scrimmage and I helped in the dugout. Bug wandered around and played on the playground with other siblings. We walked home afterward and CD and I tackled the yard projects I'd not finished Friday. Then we walked back to the ball fields for the Owlz to practice.

The boys were, again, wiped out. Another early dinner, another early bath, another early bedtime. Consider the time changed.


  1. Do you have a blueberry oatmeal muffin recipe you're willing to share? Because that sounds delicious.

  2. THAT sounds like an idyllic weekend. Even with the laundry!