Sunday, March 15, 2009

bird brain

Some animals really shouldn’t mate. If you are so dumb that you think your reflection in my kitchen window is a threatening adversary, perhaps you should keep your tail feathers to yourself.

A robin has been bashing his head into my kitchen windows for three hours. I keep stained glass figures hanging in the bay window so birds won’t hit it accidentally, but this one is doing it so much I hardly think it is an accident. The smears on the windows are disgusting, with little head feathers stuck all over them. He has been sitting on our grill, pooping all over it, with views into two different windows. He’s even left, perhaps to recuperate, and then returned for more head banging. Maybe he has a little birdy ice pack for his noggin.

I suppose I should give him credit for not yet becoming dinner to my neighbor’s cats, Bob and Morris, who catch most of their meals in my backyard. They’re incredibly smart cats and if they were out today I suspect Mr. Bird Brain wouldn’t last long.

On my bird-watching-father’s advice, I have just taped newspaper outdoors on the windows to stop him from seeing The Other Bird. But really, if the sound wasn’t so disturbing to me indoors, I think the fool might just deserve what he’s getting. And no female robin deserves him.

Oh, no. He’s back.


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