Monday, March 16, 2009

well... first

Bug is a born teacher. He comes from a long line of them, so it shouldn't be surprising to us. It doesn't matter if you've previously discovered that two rectangular Legos next to each other will form a square. He'll teach you how to do it.

"Wanna know how I did that?"
"You did x, right?"
"Pretend that you don't know. Say, 'How did you do that?'"
"How did you do that?"
"Well...." (it always starts with a long, drawn out 'well...') "First you...."

His lessons vary from the step by step instructions to somewhat more confusing ideas.
"Before I found out that in my brain, I used to think it wasn't that way."

It takes patience to be taught some of these lessons. Again. But I appreciate his ability and interest in sharing his knowledge. Recently I have been taught:

how to identify bad guys:
"The good guys don't always win but they 'lusually' do. You can tell the bad guys 'cause they wear black. You can always tell them."

about childhood:
"You know, everybody has to be a kid before they're a grown up."

how to play catch with a balloon.
how to open a gate and then latch it again.
how to make a clicky noise in your mouth.
how to conduct an orchestra


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