Monday, March 30, 2009

for eyes

I took Pook to the eye doctor appointment today. It was originally scheduled for early Thursday morning so he could go to school afterward, but then I realized he needed to have his eyes dilated. Easier to not have school immediately following. Plus we could get in sooner for a 2:30pm appt.

Bug was parked at a "playdate" (thank you for babysitting K, I owe you) and I picked Pook up from school just before the craziness called Dismissal Time began. He had remained anxious for the past week, despite my regular stopping of young-boys-who-wore-glasses and quizzing them about the age they got them (usually 6-8) and had anyone ever teased them about the glasses (they ALL looked at me quizzically as if this was absurd and said no). I also quizzed the moms about how often they'd broken (usually 2-3x year) and where they'd bought them (not at the doctor's little store) and was the transition-into-sunglasses feature a good idea (yes).

The preliminary exam was an eye opener for me. Pook questioned whether the first E was actually an E at all, and couldn't identify the third size down as letters. Wow. The doctor played around with fun machines that he called microscopes and Pook thought looked like space ship equipment, so he was very interested. I kept hearing first "Uh, one of them looks like an H" when it was actually an N, and then the doctor would flip around lenses and Pook would go "Oh, that's easy now." His prescription was -300 for both eyes.

He seemed to remain in denial about the needing of glasses however. The doctor kept referring to his lenses and Pook acted as if he didn't understand the meaning of the term, despite explanations multiple times. So we wouldn't delay the inevitable, we took the prescription straight to a different store to pick out frames. He tried on blue, purple and copper colored frames and we both liked the copper (his hair color) best. He tried on rectangular, round and oval frames and he liked the rectangular best (I liked the oval but since they're his eyes, he won). Another week before they'll be ready, and that will be Spring Break. Hopefully he'll be so happy to be able to see that he'll be willing to wear the glasses to school when it starts back.


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