Tuesday, March 17, 2009

odds and ends

Just some odds and ends:

It rained all weekend which simplified things some. Opening ceremonies will now be this Friday night. The boys were disappointed that their first games were postponed, but now Bug plays his first game Wednesday and Pook, Thursday, both before the Opening Ceremonies.

Our dinner party was great despite some problems. One of the couples couldn't come at the last minute when one of them got sick. Then half and hour later we learned that the babysitter had food poisoning. Fortunately there was no baseball, so all four boys ate pizza here and hung out upstairs. They did exceptionally well. Since it was a "school night" for our minister, the evening ended early and L&P took all four boys home with them to put to bed. Late.

I coughed all weekend. It was an allergy. Then it was a cold. Now it is a cough. Someone asked me if I had the "Five Week Croup" which they said was going around. So, maybe I'm still sick. I took cough drops to the symphony. They pass them out, but fyi, Fisherman's Friend coughdrops don't work nearly as well as my Vicks. It took five Fisherman's cough drops to get me through to intermission. One Vicks lasted the second half. I had such a coughing fit in church I had to leave, but was so light headed from coughing that I thought I might pass out before I could exit. When I got out I realized I'd left the purse with the cough drops sitting next to CD.

Mr. Bird Brain found two new spots into which he could bash his head. He crashed into my windows about twice every five minutes ALL DAY Monday. I got obsessed about getting his picture, but it was hard; he was surprisingly bashful for such a fool. I've got four windows covered up already, but it was raining too much to go out to cover more. Plus, I really don't want all my windows covered with newspaper. He shredded one of the newspapers with all his crashing. I saw Bob the Cat last evening. I told him to come by in the morning.

All this rain has some good benefits. The pollen count is down. The reservoirs are up. There is a green (and sometimes purple) haze to all the trees. My daffodils are done, without much flair, but some tree has sprung up in my backyard that I swear I've never seen. It has lovely pink flowers right now. The photo is a Chinese Maple as it's leaves are beginning to unfurl.

The beard is gone. It was a fun experiment to see CD with a beard, but I wasn't excited about it becoming permanent. I told him he'd look good in a good beard but that this one probably ought to go. He must love me.

I have seven unmatched socks sitting on my dryer. I've done all the laundry. Everyone but Bug is short a match. Where do they go?

Finally-- Happy St. Patrick's Day. We started our day with our traditional Green Eggs and Ham breakfast casserole. We only had time b/c three of us had 8:30 dentist appointments. I hope I brushed all the spinach out of everyone's teeth before we went.

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  1. Always surprises me to hear that someone's daffs are finished when mine are just barely beginning to poke through the soil!

    Until Bob the Cat can deal with Mr. Bird Brain, perhaps a cheap mirror placed in a far corner of the yard might help relocate that dumb bird away from your windows. We had a cardinal doing the same thing one year. Just about drove me crazy!