Sunday, March 1, 2009

it did and we did

We used every bit of snow in the front yard to make him, but make him we did.

The rain, which had been coming since Wednesday without much pause, turned to snow around noon. We put the kids off until dropping temps finally encouraged it to start sticking to the grass and glass patio table. But then they were ready to roll.

Except they didn't know how. I discovered that my kids had to be taught how to roll a snowball. (Who'd have thunk?) They were trying to pick it up and pack it round in their mittened hands. Since it was very, very wet snow, they were making some progress, but not much. Unfortunately, the rolling collected lots of leaves and pine straw too. "Captain Snowy" has a core of pure ice. Our estimate is for two days of life. The forecast is for climbing temperatures, leading to 70° by Friday.

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