Monday, March 2, 2009

icy roads

Today's Plan of Attack
7 am. Cry when school closings were announced AFTER we were all awake, and dressed
8 am. Cry and say goodbye to CD as he got to go to work (He knew he was escaping to a better fate, too.)
9 am. Bake raisin oatmeal cookies
10:30 am. "I am going to my yoga class at the Y whether you want to or not."
12 pm. Feed them (I'm generous)
1 pm. Oh! We have a 2nd grade project on symmetry- a poster made of pasta. Both can do these probably.
2 pm. Cry
3 pm. Cry
4 pm. Cry
5 pm. Cry
6 pm. Pass them off to CD when he comes home. Pour a glass of wine.