Friday, March 13, 2009

first day of kindergarten

I won't be able to use this blog title in August when Bug starts kindergarten, but it is how I feel today. I have a new friend. It seems weird to say it like that, but CD and I both said it once when we'd met a new couple. Sometimes you just know.

I'd met her, and her husband, at a kid's birthday party. Then her husband recognized me at preschool carpool (he didn't make the connection and know why I was familiar; I was just clueless), then she recognized me in yoga class. Finally she pulled it all together and helped me out with the names and places and times.

And she and I have been saving spots for each other in yoga. It isn't quite like phoning Jenny F every morning of second grade to compare what we were wearing, but it feels close. Today we talked about getting coffee sometime before or after class, but she had to sneak out early so we didn't put details to it. And I don't have her email, her phone number, or even remember her last name yet.

So, maybe it is too soon to be excited. I don't have a date yet, but I did meet someone with potential.

Happy Friday the Thirteenth!

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  1. Hi Jill, how funny and yet how wonderful at the same time. We met some of our very best couple friends at those same types of events. When our kids all grew up, we have no method of meeting people as good as the parents of our kid's friends and miss it, since we have moved so many times. Good for you both.