Tuesday, August 26, 2008

of birds and tires

Fall sports really get the great team names. Pook is a Lugnut this season in baseball and Bug will soon be starting soccer on Team Turkey. No need to be worried about Turkey's survival as Thanksgiving approaches since I was informed that it was "the country, not Thomas Jefferson's favorite bird". Thanks P.

The Turkeys Turkey was to begin yesterday but the hurricane rains are here from Florida and the fields are in a flood plain. Enough said. With Labor Day next Monday, it looks like Bug may have a game before having a practice. Hopefully they'll at least get to meet each other somehow. A good friend is coaching; we wouldn't have agreed to a fall sport for him otherwise.

The Lugnuts have begun their season. Practice every Saturday and a game every Sunday. Pook is in great form. An extra teaching season is just what he needed. I'm happy to see him enjoying his abilities so much. I was excited that the rainy game on Sunday had a final score of 1-3. Yes, they lost, but that was my kid who made the run!

Spring ball, in the league by us, is pretty serious stuff. This will help. Plus he needs to be in top shape when Bug hits the diamonds this spring. I'd like him to be the big brother who gets to give advice and help out the little brother. I want him to enjoy the admiration of his younger sibling. But he'll have to hurry. Bug is more physical and is working to close the gap on many motor skills.


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