Tuesday, August 5, 2008

home again, home again, jiggety jig

We're home. About ten hours in the car with a crabby Bug, but we're home. Fabulous week, lots of time on boats and in the ocean. I'd bought end-of-season snorkels and masks for the kids and they were a hit, especially with Bug. Pook preferred the days at the "wave beach" on his boogie board. We built sand castles-- both drip castles and molded ones-- and we buried our feet in the sand, only to explode them out again. We explored the old part of town and dripped ate ice cream at the General Store. We went to the aquarium and a lighthouse. Oh, and I never had to cook; we ate fabulous seafood every night. The boys discovered they loved not just shrimp, but flounder and scallops too. Not a single kid's menu all week. I can't have asked for a better time.

And now we're home. The laundry is started. The back-to-school thinking is started. Unfortunately the summer homework is barely started (and causing turmoil). But, in general, the vacation has taken. I feel good. Relaxed. Ready for what is to come. School starts for Pook on Monday; he'll meet his teacher tomorrow. Bug has until after Labor Day. It'll be rough, but he's got a camp for one of those weeks.

We went school shoe shopping today. Pook wears a size 1-1/2 and Bug (at age four wears a 13.) I've warned Pook that his little brother is catching up with him. Another couple of years and they'll wear the same size. The child can't wear Pook's hand-me-down much of anything. Shirts work- I'm putting him in a 5/6 already though and Pook is in a more age appropriate 7/8. I've just decided that underwear has no owner and they can both wear it all. I gave away all the size 4 slim pants last fall when I realized they didn't and wouldn't ever fit Bug. Who knows what pants he'll be in by the time it gets cold here (October). He's so sensitive about the way clothes feel that I assume only half of what I buy for him will be successful.

The neighbors are gone. Very gone. The house has a For Lease sign in the yard. But, to remain optimistic, I've already seen a couple come look at it. Can I even hope for age appropriate children? more little boys? kids I like? Have I used up my luck? The path worn between the houses never got any stepping stones. I was going to let each boy make one. I hope the plants don't get a chance to grow back. Leave the growing to the kids.

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  1. Welcome home! I'm so glad you had a good time!