Thursday, August 7, 2008

buy me, buy me!

I got out of Registration Day for $130. Not kidding. I still had to kick in a box of tissues, two bottles of hand sanitizer, a box of gallon ziplocks, a box of Chlorox wipes and a wardrobe of school "uniform colors" that fits my child. A school logo shirt, the PTA membership, "class dues" and other items (one even tax deductible!) made up the rest of the cost. This is a public school! I can't imagine private back-to-school costs. What do parents with fewer means do this time of year?

Plus we've already been hit up to sell wrapping paper. And even though I was willing to pony up for all the other items (and even bought a box with four containers of wipes which can be donated to the office, the library and the gifted teacher's room) I draw the line at selling things. They make it clear that they don't want kids to go door to door. They just want parents to pressure grandparents and neighbors into buying the stuff. I am a lousy sales person. My sister won prizes selling Girl Scout cookies but the only ones I sold were from the break room when my dad took the form to work for a day.

Wouldn't it be better to just ask for cash? I hate the idea of a fundraising company getting most of my money. I will turn in my form empty. The first year I wrote a $20 check to the PTA and didn't buy any wrapping paper. I decided I preferred if they got all 100% of any money I spent for them. But last year, just as the fundraiser was getting advertised, they also sent out a call for help: they needed someone to set up and maintain the aquarium. I don't feel guilty now about ignoring the fundraisers. The tank is in the front lobby, so the office staff and anyone walking the halls sees me working. Highly visible job without much effort. Perfect.


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