Friday, August 29, 2008

injury prevention

Too many boo boos. That is usually the description of Bug's body, but right now it describes Pook's knees. Poor kid. Seems like since Bug took off his training wheels Pook has been taking the spills.

Once a friend told me that he was worried at his first baby's well child visit because the child had several bruises. He was afraid the doctor would think they beat their child. By the time the second child was going to well child visits he realized that if there were no bruises the doctor would think they kept the child locked in a closet.

When my sister and I were preschool age, a couple that were friends with my parents decided to adopt. They were, as my mom puts it, "older". (I think in those days, that meant 'in their thirties'.) They asked several of the moms in the neighborhood for advice in preparing their home for a baby. Just that day a neighbor boy, my age, had slammed into a wall head first and needed several stitches. My mom's advice? Remove the walls.

Injury prevention: remove all walls, floors and ceilings, all toys, furniture and trees. Once in this empty but safe setting your child will be LESS prone to injury. No guarantees.


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