Friday, August 29, 2008

brainwashing of the best kind

I had no idea that we had brainwashed our children so well.

Last night a chicken-fast-food-branch had proceeds going towards the school. Since CD was going to be out, when Pook came home and asked me if we could go, I relented. Except for road trips, I don't think the kids have ever had fast food for a dinner. (Yes, I'm incredibly old fashioned, but there are several reasons for our cooking and the kids' health is really only one of them.) On the way home Bug asked me why there was a prize in his bag. Sarcastically, I said it was so the kids would beg the parents to go back all the time. Pook immediately jumped on this and gave me some examples of his friends doing just that. He even knew which places gave what!

Pook: But we wouldn't do that.
Bug: Cause we shouldn't be eating junk food. It isn't growing food.
Pook: And we'd be tired all the time if we ate junk.
Bug: If you eat junk food like french fries and stuff then you won't be healthy.
Pook: But potatoes are ok if you eat them other ways.
Bug: Yeah, but french fries are the worstest kind of potato. And chicken nuggets are the worstest kind of chicken.


  1. Shouldn't that be 'brainwashing of the bestest kind'?

  2. Jill, I've been reading your blog for many, many months now and this post had me laughing so hard, I almost spit my drink out all over the keyboard and monitor. You are one funny writer!!

    From your cousin in Nebraska...