Thursday, August 7, 2008

it's live!

Since we deprived our children of TV for their first three years (yes, poor Pook really didn’t see much of anything on a screen for six years) they really don’t have much viewing experience. Until we bought a Tivo they only had the occasional video or DVD. For August, we've set the Tivo to record prime time Olympics. I'll show it to them the following afternoon or night if it seems worthwhile. I may not watch it live myself since the commercials annoy me.

I read a bit about the Opening Ceremonies online and the conversation that followed went like this.

Adult: It feels strange having the Olympic opening ceremonies over already.
Kid: Why is it over already?
Me: The daytime is already finished in China, so they've already finished.
Kid (probably Bug): ?!

I pulled the globe down and tried to explain where the sun is for us when it is daytime in China. I even used a flashlight to try to explain.

Adult: We can watch some of the ceremony on TV.
Kid: Is it on yet?
Adult: No it won't start for another ten minutes.
Kid (probably Pook): But you said it already happened.
Adult: Yes, but it isn't on yet.

The kids are totally confused when presented with live TV. "Live" when the Olympics are in China with a fourteen hour time change isn't even exactly accurate. Confusing stuff.


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