Tuesday, August 12, 2008


We made it to the Aklympics! And the boys are competing in so many sports there is barely enough time to watch them all. Bug is a Tumbler, a Flipper, a Sommersaulter, a Yachter, a Windsurfer Guy, a Really Strong Weight Guy, a Synchonized Jumper, a Swimmer, a Water Polo-er, a Bow and Arrow Guy, a Horse Rider, a Biker, a Fencer, a Guy-Who-Does-The-Rings, and of course, a Medaler and a Champion. There will be other competitions announced during the next two weeks.

Being fast is very important at all times. The new tennies are fast. Some socks are faster than others. Some clothes are faster. Bug has been hanging out in pj's a lot since they are tighter in the sleeve and therefore make him faster. I can tell that other clothes have been important too- there are sweats and soccer shorts, tank tops and "shirts with numbers" scattered all over. He took from his bulletin board the number which was pinned on him when our family ran the 1K Dino Dash last summer and needed it pinned on his shirt today.

The downstairs of our house is a loop, affectionately named for "Happy Laps" since Pook learned how to walk. This is the site for many events. The upstairs "bouncy bed" is arranged just so: at the end of the bed is a reading pillow and in front of it on the floor is my old yoga mat. There is even a stuffed audience already and seats for the human audience who will (if they know what's good for them) be showing up soon. The medals (ribbon and foil and lots of glitter glue) are ready to be presented as soon as they dry.

We've been using the Tivo to record Prime Time and watching video on MSNBC of some of the less well known sports. We can fast forward four hours of prime time coverage in about two hours. The cheers that erupt when the US wins are amazing. Then the "Oh yeah. That's what I'm gonna do when I'm in the Aklympics" starts afresh.

(The "bouncy bed" idea saved us when Bug, at 18 months, learned to jump- saving my furniture, saving his head, and getting rid of an old queen mattress. We keep it on the floor of the playroom and they use it for rough play. Since it is "floor" it takes up no play space.)


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