Wednesday, November 5, 2008

pillow talk

I always go in to the kids' bedroom, before I go to bed myself, and I tuck the blankets around them, pick up lovies from the floor, tell them that I love them and give them each a kiss. I doubt I've ever missed a night.

Some nights I stop by one of them and rest my cheek against his. "I'm sorry I yelled at you," I'm compelled to say. "You're a really good kid," I remind him.

Last night I went to bed after Obama had been proclaimed the winner at 11 pm. (I'm not a good night owl now that I have kids. Let me sleep in and I'll stay up happily!) I kissed Bug and pulled up his comforter. I sat by Pook. "Obama won," I said. "He's going to be our next president." His eyes sprung open wide and he lifted his head. "Really?!" he exclaimed. Then he put his head back on the pillow and returned to sleep.

This is why I talk to them in their sleep.


  1. And did he know this morning, without being told, that Obama is the new president?

    I loved this post!

  2. Yep! From which I figure, they also know that I'm sorry when I've yelled and that I do think they're great kids.