Monday, November 3, 2008

pack it up

I just brushed off the clots of dirt from the cleats. Put a dozen baseballs in a crate in the garage. Wrapped the velcro around the shin guards. Used straight bleach on the white baseball pants. Wiped mud off the soccer ball. Put it all away.

We won't be doing any winter sports. My neighbors are all but filling two basketball teams of just Pook and Bug's ages, but I'm not even asking the boys if they're interested. I'm not.

Pook had his first home run. We ate pizza and a giant cookie with all the Lugnuts' names written in frosting. His coach gave him his trophy, along with the words, "To the boy who can have the most energy... when he wants to."

Bug made one of the only two goals at his last soccer game. Glad no one kept score. He ate hot dogs and cake and received his trophy at a team party.

Spring Baseball/Tee Ball will be here soon enough. In the winter we will rest.

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  1. I'm jealous! But AJ's not up for taking time off. Whatever the season is, that's his new favorite sport. Sigh. At least basketball is only twice a week.