Monday, November 3, 2008

362 days until Halloween

The boys insisted on designing a "fierce" pumpkin this year. I'd say they succeeded.

Here they are in their Halloween finery, about to collect way too much candy. These were among the simplest costumes we've ever made. Bug's scuba air tanks were 2-liter soda bottles strapped on his back with duct tape. His flippers were cut from foam. Pook and I used the hot glue gun together and he decorated his Sioux Indian costume with a bead pattern. He decided he didn't want a headband although we have some lovely feathers in our art box now. (He also changed his mind from Iroquois for some reason. Not sure what would have been different!)

Bug has now added to his idea list for next Halloween:

baseball player
dinosaur "WITH A MASK"
old lady

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