Friday, November 7, 2008

loud or kicking?

Pook used to be fine with shots - back in the days when he regularly watched me get allergy shots. I'd go in, twice a week for a while, and I'd get a shot, he'd get a sticker and we'd hang out to play before leaving. Then for some reason last flu shot season he decided to scream his little head off. While not having any real memory of previous shots, this gave Bug reason to freak out when it was his turn. It was not a good experience. I told the nurse I'd hold the loud ends while she held the kicking ends, but it was a pretty awful experience for all of us.

It is now flu shot season again. I had made appointments for Saturday and told them all about it. I reminded them that last year they decided that the worry was much worse than the shot, so that this year we could be prepared. Then they both went and got sick and we went to the doctor's a day early. Bug has ear infections in both ears; Pook doesn't have strep but does have some unidentified fever. Bug could still get his flu shot; Pook could not. "How about right now?" the nurse asked.

Pook lay down on the paper covered table, his ears bright with heat, relieved that he not only didn't need medicine but also wouldn't be "allowed" to get a flu shot. Bug looked at me with panic as the nurse walked in with her little shot tray. His pants were already off and his belly was exposed so I gave it a kiss and tried to distract him. "It will poke and then it will be done," I reminded him. He looked like he was just about to lose it when in came the nurse's hand and in went the needle and he took a sharp breath... but then relaxed. That was it.

"Going to the doctor's was boring. Except getting weighed. I weigh 47 lbs!"


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