Saturday, November 22, 2008


We raked the first installment of leaves in our yard today. We usually finish New Year's Day-- weird tradition, but it works. Pook collected twigs we'd uncovered and when I suggested he put them in the new firewood bin, his brain started to roll.

Now my chimney is sending the sweet scent of a wood burning fire throughout the neighborhood. We just had appetizers and cocktails. This consisted of crackers with cream cheese and jelly (pepper jelly, pinot grigio jelly and peach- the boys liked them all) and whatever combo we can make of bubbly-kid-friendly-drink mixed with juice and served with a straw. They boys both want to play games later, but right now CD is trolling through a lyric book with his guitar. They have pulled out every pillow and blanket they can find to build, not a fort, but a nest. If anyone lays an egg I'll update later. We've got dinner in the crock pot or we'd put hot dogs on a stick. It's just that kind of an evening.


  1. Sounds like a memorable day! We rake leaves (again!) today. I hope it warms up. It's currently 28.

  2. Sounds warm and cozy. This is how memories are made.
    love, me