Friday, November 21, 2008

pay up

My kids enjoyed A Midsummer Night's Dream. Bug has been prancing around and, although he doesn't really know the plot, he wants to act it out. Costumes are the best part. I suggested to relatives that they shop after Halloween to find costumes for him for Christmas. He's a dramatic little boy!

Me, I don't like drama in my life and fortunately I had a boring time at court. I plead guilty, basically because I was -- and I wasn't sure exactly what nolo contendere involved. Then I sat and waited. When I was called up to the judge he didn't even ask me about the incident. He looked at his paperwork, muttered "$115" and I was ushered out. I was home in time to kiss the boys good night.

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  1. Hi Jill, glad you got off light from the judge. I hate everything about courts and stuff and hate drama too. So funny about your actor to be kids though. That will be fun to be the audience with their productions. We used to put on plays and talent shows when I was a kid with the other neighborhood children. Sold tickets to the parents to come see.