Monday, November 10, 2008

Bug's Pasta Restaurant

I hope you're as hungry as Pook and I were, because this restaurant has food you won't want to miss. Take a minute to read the menu and Bug will be by to take your order shortly.

Like only the best places in town, we were first offered dessert. This is how it should be and all four star restaurants should take note. We had our choice of chocolate cec or iscrem (came in vanilla or chocolate we were told) and even had the option of adding whipped cream, cherries and chocolate syrup if we had wished instead of the usual cone.

Following that lovely start, I suggested that we might need something a bit more substantial. At this point the restaurant became a Pasta Restaurant and the chef began to prepare a few favorite dishes. While I love pine nuts and basil, I passed by the posbged for the straight version of sbgd with meatballs. Pook went for the very cheesy macrony. We were both very pleased with our choices.

The atmosphere was quite pleasant. Those with fevers were allowed to eat on the sofa. The pile of orange and yellow markers macrony on the plate looked magnificent. The sbgd was perfectly al dente.

Our total tab came to 12. We did not order any drinks. Reservations were not needed Friday afternoon, but after this review they may become necessary.
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  1. I, personally, would never turn down a good piece of chocolate cec. Sounds like the best restaurant in town.

  2. I love, love, love the beginning forays into writing! This was a terrific review of what looks to be an excellent menu.