Wednesday, October 1, 2008

vacation without the kids

You read right. We are leaving for a vacation without the kids. Our tenth wedding anniversary is coming up and my parents offered, years ago, to watch the kids for a week to let us celebrate. They will probably wish I'd forgotten the offer; I'm sure they'll be wiped out.

We debated for a long time about where to go. I had pretty simple requests. I wanted to go where I could sit peacefully reading a book and looking at beautiful scenery. I also wanted to go far enough from home that no one would ask us to come back. If there was a minor emergency they'd just deal with it. Distance does that. The Caribbean sounded good until we realized it was hurricane season. Out of the country maybe if we had deeper pockets and current passports. Not too cold please, I requested.

We settled on a place in the Olympic peninsula of Washington state that we visited for our first trip together many years ago. We'll have some nearby hiking and some city touristing in Seattle and maybe stop at a winery. We haven't done much planning. We got two places to stay and rented a car. I got some maps of the area. We visited in the summer, so I know we'll have cooler and maybe wetter weather, but we'll cope.

You won't see any posts next week. I hope to have better things to do than be online!

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