Monday, October 27, 2008

dedicated to those that live

Not all my plants are dead. So, to be fair, I dedicate this post to those that live. Even if they're barely making it.

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Shasta daisies: These were new this year but must have put their growth underground. We'll see if they come back in the spring.

purple cone flowers: These looked good this year. I may need to dig some up when they sprout to relocate a few. The yellow cone flowers are still alive but haven't fared well. They were new in the spring and probably needed more tender care than they were given. Finches enjoyed the seed heads.

I add more each spring and I see three here, smothered in magnolia leaves. Don't get me started on those non-composting leathery leaves....

variegated vinca: This one is still alive when no other ground cover did much this summer. That is the sign of a "keeper".

lamb's ear: It seems to do well wherever it is. I've added it to several locations, but unfortunately it is behind all the cone flowers in the front. A major move is needed for a lot of the plants in this area.

purple heart:
Like the lamb's ear, it seems like it lives in the most unlikely of locations. I can't find it in the off season to move it to other areas so I might need to transplant some in the spring when it comes back. It seems like it could be a good filler in many locations.

beauty berry: I've been disappointed in this bush. I searched for it for years and was so excited to plant it, but it hasn't lived up to my expectations.

lantana: It loves dry heat and looks great this year. It is almost too big to be in this location although we just moved it here a few years ago thinking it'd be better up against the house. I can't see it and all of it's butterflies from indoors anymore, and I miss that. Additionally, the Chinese maple is hidden by it and loses it's umph. I'll have to decide if the two are compatible in this location.

day lilies: They did their stuff well and could stand to be divided.

I love these native blue flowers. The did well and I'd love to spread them around.

Chinese maple: This is a beautiful tree which will be turning red soon. I wish it didn't blend into the huge lantanas so much. I will consider the idea of pruning lower branches.

oak leaf hydrangea: It is turning red in the fall weather and will grow into a lovely bush if it ever has enough water to grow.

chrysanthemums: These are transplanted each winter from pots I use to decorate at Halloween.

I have succumbed to my eternal gardening optimism. I just bought some beautiful purple-blue asters and additional yellow chrysanthemums. They should brighten up the yard-- since fall needs all the help it can get, obviously.


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