Thursday, October 23, 2008

costume party

The agonizing decision about what to wear for Halloween began in early October. That is, early October 2007. I'd just forbidden Bug to change his mind again about costumes any more, so he started planning for this year instead. He would come up with two or three ideas each day. I assumed it'd taper off as Christmas took over his brain, but he seemed to have room to compartmentalize and continued the planning.

Just a few of the many ideas:
scuba diver
space man

Each time my brain would start to plan. Could I make that? What would I use? Should I distract him and see if he'll come up with something easier? I enjoy making costumes and feel like that's a huge part of the fun. Buying something that tears and can't be worn as dress ups seems a waste. And I'm way too cheap to buy expensive costumes yearly. My parents pulled out the sewing machine and paper mache for me and I continue the tradition. There is nothing I can't do with a hot glue gun!

Pook had waited until the season was upon us last year and then decided to be a simple bat. Not Batman and not Dracula. Just a bat. I found some stretchy black fabric that wouldn't ravel and I cut and sewed (yes, sewed) a simple pair of wings. He put on black clothes and an eye mask and looked great.

Bug finally settled on trick-or-treating as a "Marching Band Guy". I put him in a red sweatshirt on which I'd hot glued gold buttons and trim for epaulets, and made a felt and cardboard hat. The year before Pook was a skeleton- painted on black sweats. According to Sister MD we painted the pelvis bones backwards, but to us lay-people it looked awesome. Sweats are usually the base of our costumes. I always think they'll wear them as regular (but fun) clothes or sleep in them, but they never do.

This time of October is now You-can-no-longer-change-your-mind season on costumes. Pook is settled and wants to be an Iroquois Indian. Go Social Studies Discovery class! He isn't looking at anything too fancy or too hard. He can do most of it himself after a trip to the craft store. My mom bought some suede cloth for him while she was here and we cut a diamond for his head. He'll decorate it with beads. We'll have to discuss feathers on a headband. He hasn't shown me a picture of what he wants exactly, so I'm guessing a bit.

Bug wavered forever between Space Guy (he never just calls it "astronaut") and Scuba Diver. I decided to push for the diver. We've got the snorkeling gear from summer and air tanks will be easy to fashion, as will flippers to cover his shoes. I wasn't sure how authentic he'd want a wet suit, but he started dressing up independently and used sweats so I think they'll do fine for the real thing too. I'll try to get photos of them in their costumes to share.

Just as we closed the door to new ideas for this year, they began planning for 2009. Bug has already proposed being a mailbox next year. Expect an idea a week until next Halloween comes around.

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  1. Ha! The "You-can-no-longer-change-your-mind" date! We had one of those around here for years.

    I'm a great fan of Value Village (deep, deep, deep-discount second hand place) as a source of costumes. Not for the actual costume, though they sell them, and I feel about them the same way you do, but for the clothing.

    I once fashioned two dragon costumes out of two velour dressing gowns - $5 each. We had a peasant girl. The blouse cost 99 cents. Sometimes the item can just be purchased for the fabric itself: a satin slip for 50 cents is a lot cheaper than storebought satin at whatever per yard!